Chattagram International Medical College

Chattagram International Medical College (CIMC) is a beacon of excellence in medical education located in the heart of Chattogram, Bangladesh. Established with the vision of providing high-quality medical education and producing competent healthcare professionals, CIMC is committed to fostering an environment of academic excellence, research, and compassionate healthcare services.

Chattagram International Medical College

This institution has rapidly emerged as a preferred choice for students aspiring to pursue a career in medicine, both from Bangladesh and internationally.

Key Features of Chattagram International Medical College

  • Academic Programs: CIMC offers a five-year Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) program, meticulously designed to meet the standards set by the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BMDC). The curriculum encompasses comprehensive theoretical knowledge and extensive practical experience, ensuring students are well-equipped for their future medical careers.
  • Affiliation: The college is affiliated with the University of Chittagong, a prestigious university in Bangladesh, which endorses the MBBS degree awarded by CIMC. This affiliation also ensures that the college adheres to stringent academic standards and quality benchmarks.
  • State-of-the-art Campus: Situated in an accessible location in Chattogram, CIMC boasts a modern campus with advanced infrastructure, including cutting-edge laboratories, digital classrooms, a rich library, and more. The campus environment is designed to be conducive to learning and personal growth.
  • Teaching Hospital: CIMC is integrated with a well-equipped teaching hospital that serves as a crucial platform for clinical training. The hospital is furnished with the latest medical technologies and managed by experienced medical professionals, offering students a chance to learn through direct patient care and observe real-life case management.
  • Faculty: The college prides itself on having a dedicated team of highly qualified and experienced faculty members. These professionals bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the classroom, combining teaching with mentorship to guide students on their path to becoming successful medical practitioners.

How Fortune Education Facilitates MBBS Admission at CIMC

Fortune Education, Dhaka, Bangladesh, plays a pivotal role as an authorized representative for Chattagram International Medical College, simplifying the MBBS admission process for prospective students. Here’s how Fortune Education assists aspiring medical students:

  • Comprehensive Guidance: Fortune Education offers detailed counseling sessions to help students understand the opportunities at CIMC, aligning their career aspirations with the educational prospects available.
  • Admission Assistance: From application form submission to the preparation of necessary documentation, Fortune Education provides end-to-end support, ensuring a smooth admission process.
  • Eligibility Check and Entrance Preparation: Students receive guidance on meeting the eligibility criteria for admission to CIMC and get help in preparing for any entrance exams or interviews as required.
  • Visa Assistance: For international students, Fortune Education offers comprehensive visa application support, alongside advice on accommodation options, facilitating a seamless transition to life in Bangladesh.
  • Ongoing Support: Even after admission, Fortune Education remains a steadfast support system for students, ready to assist with any queries or challenges they might face during their academic journey at CIMC.

Why Choose Chattagram International Medical College through Fortune Education

Opting for Chattagram International Medical College through Fortune Education not only streamlines the admission process but also provides students with the assurance of reliable and comprehensive support throughout their medical education journey. With a commitment to excellence in medical education and patient care, CIMC, in collaboration with Fortune Education, offers aspiring medical professionals a solid foundation for a successful career in healthcare.


Chattagram International Medical College

Brahmanbaria Medical College

Brahmanbaria Medical College is a noteworthy institution located in the Brahmanbaria district of Bangladesh. It stands as a significant pillar in the medical education sector of Bangladesh, providing high-quality education and training to future medical professionals. Through its affiliation with the University of Chittagong, the college offers a comprehensive MBBS program designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills required to excel in the healthcare field.

Features of Brahmanbaria Medical College

  • Academic Excellence: The college is dedicated to providing an education that encompasses both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. With a curriculum that is constantly updated to reflect the latest advancements in medical science, students are prepared to meet the challenges of modern healthcare.
  • Infrastructure: Brahmanbaria Medical College boasts a campus with state-of-the-art facilities, including modern classrooms, advanced laboratories, and a well-stocked library. These resources support the college’s mission to offer an enriching learning experience.
  • Clinical Exposure: Through its affiliated hospital, the college provides students with extensive clinical exposure. This hands-on experience is crucial for developing practical skills and understanding patient care dynamics.
  • Faculty: The college has a team of experienced and dedicated faculty members who are committed to mentoring the next generation of medical professionals. Their expertise and guidance are invaluable resources for students.

Brahmanbaria Medical College, nestled in the historical Brahmanbaria district of eastern Bangladesh, is a beacon of medical education and research. This region, rich in historical significance from the times of the Samatat state to the era of Isa Khan and beyond, now houses an institution committed to nurturing future medical professionals. With a backdrop of movements that have shaped the nation, Brahmanbaria Medical College stands as a testament to the resilience and progressive spirit of the area.

Admission Requirements for Local Students:

The Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) of the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of Bangladesh, oversees the admission process for local students into the MBBS program. Admission notifications are published in national dailies, inviting applications from deserving candidates. The admission process is stringent, ensuring only the most capable students are selected to pursue the prestigious MBBS degree. Required documents for application include:

  • Four recent passport-size photographs, attested.
  • Nationality certificate & Birth certificate.
  • Online student copy of the application, downloaded admit card & merit score of the admission test.
  • Attested photocopies of SSC & HSC/Equivalent Examination marks sheets/academic transcript.
  • Attested photocopy of SSC & HSC/Equivalent Examination Certificate/Testimonial.

All original documents are retained by the college until the completion of the course, ensuring commitment and continuity in the academic journey of the students.

Admission Requirements for International Students:

International students looking to join Brahmanbaria Medical College must adhere to the criteria set by the DGHS. They are required to obtain an equivalence certificate verifying their eligibility for admission based on their high school qualifications. This certificate is issued by the DGHS in Dhaka and is essential for the admission process. The necessary steps include:

  1. Equivalence Certificate: Students must have their educational documents attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in their home country and then obtain an equivalence certificate from DGHS, Mohakhali, Dhaka.
  2. Submission of Documents: Along with the equivalence certificate, international students must submit:
    • Attested photocopies of academic transcripts and certificates.
    • A passport-sized photograph.
    • A nationality certificate from their home country.
    • Any other documents required by the college or DGHS.

Brahmanbaria Medical College, through its rigorous admission process, ensures that both local and international students meet the high academic and ethical standards expected of medical professionals. This institution not only provides top-notch medical education but also embeds the rich cultural and historical essence of Brahmanbaria into the heart of its academic program.

Fortune Education

Role of Fortune Education in Facilitating Admissions

Fortune Education, Dhaka, Bangladesh, serves as an authorized representative for Brahmanbaria Medical College, among other prestigious medical colleges in Bangladesh, including several Army Medical Colleges. It plays a vital role in bridging the gap between aspiring medical students and their ambitions of pursuing MBBS in Bangladesh. Here’s how Fortune Education assists students:

  • Personalized Counseling: Fortune Education provides personalized counseling sessions to help students select the right medical college based on their interests and career goals.
  • Admission Assistance: From filling out the application forms to ensuring all documents are correctly submitted, Fortune Education guides students through every step of the admission process.
  • Financial Guidance: Understanding the financial aspects of studying medicine is crucial. Fortune Education offers advice on tuition fees, accommodation costs, and other financial considerations.
  • Visa Processing: For international students, Fortune Education offers comprehensive support in obtaining student visas, making the process as smooth as possible.
  • Pre-Departure Briefing: Students are given a pre-departure briefing to prepare them for their move to Bangladesh, covering aspects like cultural norms, academic life, and accommodation.

Choosing Brahmanbaria Medical College and Army Medical Colleges in Bangladesh

Opting for Brahmanbaria Medical College or any of the esteemed Army Medical Colleges in Bangladesh through Fortune Education ensures a streamlined admission process, making it easier for students to embark on their journey towards becoming healthcare professionals. These institutions are renowned for their rigorous academic programs, exceptional clinical training, and contributions to healthcare research and development.

Fortune Education’s expertise and comprehensive services offer students and their families peace of mind, knowing that every aspect of the admission process is handled with care and professionalism. Through its support, students can fully focus on their medical education and future careers in medicine.

Army Medical Colleges in Bangladesh

Army Medical Colleges in Bangladesh represent a premier choice for students aspiring to pursue a career in medicine within a disciplined and quality-driven environment. These institutions are part of the Bangladesh Armed Forces and offer an MBBS program designed to prepare students for leadership roles in the medical field, both in military and civilian settings. Here’s an overview of the Army Medical Colleges in Bangladesh and their distinctive features:

Key Highlights of Army Medical Colleges in Bangladesh

  • Affiliation: These colleges are affiliated with the Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP), ensuring that the curriculum and degrees are recognized nationally and internationally.
  • Military Discipline: Students experience a unique blend of medical education and military discipline, which instills in them a sense of responsibility, punctuality, and ethical conduct.
  • State-of-the-Art Facilities: Army Medical Colleges boast modern infrastructure, advanced laboratories, and well-equipped libraries to support the academic and research needs of students.
  • Clinical Training: The colleges have attached military hospitals where students receive clinical training, exposing them to a wide range of medical conditions and treatment scenarios.
  • Faculty: The faculty comprises highly qualified and experienced professionals from both medical and military backgrounds, providing students with a rich learning experience.
  • Extracurricular Activities: Students are encouraged to engage in various extracurricular activities, including sports, cultural events, and community service, fostering a well-rounded development.

The Role of Fortune Education

Fortune Education, based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, serves as an authorized representative for Army Medical Colleges in Bangladesh. It provides comprehensive assistance to students seeking admission to these prestigious institutions. Here’s how Fortune Education facilitates the process:

  • Admission Guidance: Fortune Education offers detailed information about each Army Medical College, helping students make informed decisions based on their preferences and career aspirations.
  • Application Process: It assists students in navigating the application process, ensuring all requirements are met and documents are correctly submitted.
  • Financial Advice: Students receive guidance on the financial aspects of studying at an Army Medical College, including tuition fees, accommodation, and living expenses.
  • Visa Assistance: For international students, Fortune Education provides support throughout the visa application process, making it as streamlined as possible.
  • Pre-Departure Orientation: Students benefit from pre-departure briefings that prepare them for life in Bangladesh and what to expect during their studies at an Army Medical College.

Online Direct MBBS Admission Application Form

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Remember, the process might slightly vary based on the specific requirements of different medical colleges in Bangladesh. Always refer to the latest guidelines provided by Fortune Education or the respective medical college for the most up-to-date information.

Fortune Education in Dhaka, Bangladesh, established in 1994, offers MBBS, BDS, and BVSc admissions with special scholarships and waivers for SAARC students. They are an authorized representative of various medical and dental colleges and universities. Admissions are available for top private medical colleges under leading universities such as the University of Dhaka, Chittagong Medical University, Rajshahi Medical University, Sylhet Medical University, and the Bangladesh University of Professionals.

Fortune provide comprehensive counseling for admission, application, guidance, documentation, and information on scholarships or waivers for eligible students. The registration and online application process has already begun. For more details, interested students can visit their website.

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Fortune Education is an Exclusive Official Authorized Representative of Medical Colleges in Bangladesh


Choosing to study at an Army Medical College in Bangladesh through Fortune Education offers students a unique opportunity to pursue a medical degree within a structured and disciplined environment. These institutions not only prepare students for medical careers but also instill values such as leadership, integrity, and service to the nation. With the support of Fortune Education, students can navigate the admission process smoothly and embark on a rewarding journey in the field of medicine.

MBBS Admission at Best Medical College Through Fortune Education