IBN SINA Medical College | Fortune Education Bangladesh

IBN SINA Medical College | Fortune Education Bangladesh

IBN SINA Medical College, Affiliated with the University of Dhaka, Largest Medical College. Largest Hospital High Patient Flow. Top Reputed Medical College, Modern Campus Heart of Capital City, In Campus Own Hostel & Library in Ibn Sina Medical College.



The academic activities of Ibn Sina Medical College commenced through the admission of 50 students in 2004-05 academic session. Through the years up to 2017, 13 batches of total 759 students undertook the course.

The college is affiliated with the University of Dhaka and recognized by Bangladesh Medical & Dental Council, the competent Authority of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

The students of the 8th batch are now starting their internship in our own Hospital. The admission procedure of Session 2023-2024 is now online.

The admission is based on merit keeping in conformity with Government Order published and adopted by the Academic Council and adorned by the Governing Body of ISMC.


1. To produce a doctor with high professional knowledge and skill.
2. To blend them with ethical values.
3. To teach bio-medical sciences with its recent advancements so that they can meet the present-day health care needs and challenges.
4. To produce a disciplined, motivated and enthusiastic doctor to instill the highest level of efficiency for caring patient with compassion and competence.
5. To provide wide knowledge of the community and economic conditions of the country imbuing them in value and nation to improve it applying professional antiquated, manners, and skills.
6. To inspire the development of essential human qualities, the strong sense of righteousness and basic ability to serve the suffering humanities irrespective of the economy, cast, religion, and strata.


IBN SINA MEDICAL COLLEGE is now ready to receive foreign students for MBBS course, foreign students have to process through Embassy proceeding with the equivalence of their 0 & A Level from DGHS.

We have safe and secure accommodation facilities for foreign students.


Ibn Sina medical college is now ready to receive foreign students for MBBS course. Foreign students have to apply according to rule and through the embassy of the respective country. Students will have to collect equivalence certificate of S.S.C. (Class X) and H.S.C. (Class XII) from Director General of Health Services, Governments of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.


Total Fees for MBBS Course (5 years Duration) is USD 40,000

Contact Fortune Education at +880 1995529533 for Fees Details

The University examination fees are separate. During which 5 years total Four University Professional examination will be held and approximately fees, Food & others personal expenses are excluded.


Students passing in S.S.C 2019-2020 or after H.S.C 2020-2021 Session with total GPA of 9 but minimum GPA 3.5 in the biology of HSC are eligible to appear for admission 2023-2024 session.

(Online /Direct Admission & Seat Confirmation)

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