Dhaka Dental College

Dhaka Dental College, established in 1961, is the pioneer dental institution in Bangladesh, located in Dhaka, the capital city. It is affiliated with the University of Dhaka and is the largest dental college and hospital in the country.

Dhaka Dental College

The college plays a critical role in dental education and oral health care in Bangladesh, offering both undergraduate and postgraduate programs in dentistry.

Academic Programs

Dhaka Dental College offers a Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) program, which is a five-year course including a one-year mandatory internship that students must complete to graduate. The BDS curriculum is comprehensive, covering all aspects of dental science, including dental anatomy, oral pathology, oral surgery, and prosthodontics, among others.

Postgraduate programs at Dhaka Dental College include specializations in orthodontics, oral and maxillofacial surgery, pediatric dentistry, and periodontology. These programs are designed to provide advanced knowledge and skills in various dental specialties.

Facilities and Infrastructure

Dhaka Dental College boasts a large campus with modern facilities to support the education and training of its students. Key facilities include:

  • Well-Equipped Laboratories: The college has multiple laboratories equipped with the latest technology and tools necessary for dental education and research.
  • Dental Hospital: Attached to the college is the Dhaka Dental College Hospital, which serves as the main clinical training site for students. The hospital offers a range of dental services to the public, facilitating practical experience for students under the supervision of experienced faculty.
  • Library: The college library is stocked with a vast collection of dental literature, including textbooks, journals, and research papers, providing valuable resources for students and faculty.

Admission Process

Admission to the BDS program at Dhaka Dental College is highly competitive. Candidates must have excellent academic records, particularly in science subjects at the secondary and higher secondary levels. Admission is based on performance in the medical and dental admission test conducted by the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) of Bangladesh. The test evaluates candidates’ knowledge in biology, chemistry, physics, and English.

Research and Community Engagement

Dhaka Dental College is actively involved in dental research, with a focus on issues prevalent in Bangladesh. The college regularly conducts workshops, seminars, and public health campaigns to promote oral health awareness and disease prevention.

International Students

Dhaka Dental College welcomes international students, offering them an opportunity to study in a diverse and culturally rich environment. The college provides assistance with admission, visa processing, and accommodation, ensuring a smooth transition for international students.

Alumni Network

The alumni of Dhaka Dental College are well-regarded in the dental profession, both nationally and internationally. Many alumni hold prominent positions in healthcare institutions, academia, and private practice. The alumni network is active, providing support and networking opportunities to both current students and graduates.

Dhaka Dental College remains a cornerstone of dental education in Bangladesh, known for its rigorous academic programs, comprehensive clinical training, and a strong emphasis on research and community service. With its advanced facilities and commitment to excellence, Dhaka Dental College continues to produce skilled dental professionals capable of addressing the complex oral health needs of the population.

MBBS in Bangladesh

Pursuing an MBBS degree in Bangladesh can be a strategic decision for students, especially those from neighboring countries, given the high standards of medical education and affordable tuition fees. Fortune Education serves as an authorized consultant for medical colleges in Bangladesh, facilitating the process for students to enter these institutions. Here’s an overview of MBBS programs in Bangladesh and how Fortune Education assists prospective students.

MBBS Education in Bangladesh

Bangladesh offers a robust MBBS program that is comparable to those in other countries, with a curriculum aligned to international standards. The duration of the MBBS program in Bangladesh is typically five years, followed by a one-year internship, which is mandatory for all graduates. The medical colleges are equipped with modern facilities and experienced faculties to ensure comprehensive medical training.

Key Features of MBBS Programs in Bangladesh:

  • Global Recognition: MBBS degrees from Bangladesh are recognized by major international bodies including the World Health Organization (WHO), the Medical Council of India (MCI), and the General Medical Council (GMC) in the UK.
  • English Medium: The medium of instruction for MBBS courses in Bangladesh is English, which is beneficial for international students.
  • Clinical Exposure: Students gain practical experience in affiliated hospitals, enhancing their clinical skills with exposure to a wide variety of cases.
  • Affordable Cost: Compared to medical education in countries like the USA, UK, and Australia, Bangladesh offers a more affordable option with lower tuition fees and living costs.

Role of Fortune Education

As an authorized consultant, Fortune Education plays a crucial role in guiding students through the process of securing admission to top medical colleges in Bangladesh.

Services Provided by Fortune Education:

  • Admission Guidance: They provide detailed information about different medical colleges in Bangladesh, helping students select the right institution based on their preferences and academic background.
  • Documentation Assistance: Fortune Education assists in the preparation and verification of necessary documents required for the admission process, ensuring that all paperwork is complete and accurate.
  • Entrance Exam Preparation: They offer guidance and resources to prepare for any required entrance exams, increasing the chances of admission.
  • Visa Processing: For international students, Fortune Education facilitates the visa application process, providing advice on the necessary documentation and procedures.
  • Accommodation and Travel Arrangements: They help in arranging safe and affordable accommodation and travel, ensuring a smooth transition for international students.

Admission Process:

  1. Eligibility Check: Students must have completed their higher secondary education with a focus on science subjects, particularly Biology, to be eligible for MBBS programs.
  2. Application: Fortune Education helps students fill out and submit their applications correctly.
  3. Admission Test: If required, students need to prepare for and pass an admission test.
  4. Interview: Some colleges might require an interview as part of the admission process, for which Fortune Education can provide coaching.

Contacting Fortune Education

Students interested in pursuing an MBBS degree in Bangladesh can reach out to Fortune Education for a consultation and detailed guidance. They can be contacted through their:

  • Phone: +8801995529533

  • Website: Fortune Education

  • Physical Office: Based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, with representatives available for face-to-face consultations.

Fortune Education offers a vital service for students looking to pursue an MBBS in Bangladesh, making the process streamlined and accessible. Their expertise and authorization from medical colleges ensure that students receive accurate and helpful guidance, from selecting a college to settling into their new educational environment.

Fortune Education is an Authorized Consultant of Medical Colleges in Bangladesh