FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions for MBBS in Bangladesh

FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions for MBBS in Bangladesh

MBBS And Medical Admission in Bangladesh for INDIAN students.

Fortune Education, unlike other consultancies, we are very much focused on ensuring students’ facility and help them with all their process and requirements and enable the students to achieve their dreams and reach their potential to study MBBS and Medical in Bangladesh. We guide it properly and Take care of all the process and responsibilities For this commitment we have launched the scholarship program for all the eligible student who register with Fortune Education Scholarship  program

Student can directly apply through our given website or he/she can call or WhatsApp to then given contact number


Contact :- +880 1995 529533 (BANGLADESH)

                    +91-99033 55537 (INDIA)

Advantages of Studying MBBS in Bangladesh:

  1. MCI Approved medical study outside India. Under MCI Act 1956
  2. MBBS in Bangladesh best alternative Low-cost Medical Study Outside India
  3. Recognition By – Bangladesh Medical & Dental Council & Member of South East Asia Regional Organisation for Medical Council Enlisted in the Directory of IMED and AVECENA (Formerly W.H.O)
  4. Student can register to Medical Council of India by giving Screening Test to practice in India after completion of MBBS Degree in Bangladesh
  5. Least Financial cost to complete MBBS Course in Private medical college and free seats under SAARC Quota in Government Medical College
  6. Adequate patient flow for clinical studies and practice Maintaining Global Medical Education Standard
  7. Socio-Cultural same as India, Environment and climate are almost same
  8. Very close to Home Country
  9. Security and Safety of Individual is ensured in the Campus.
  10. Affordable Medical Study at Low Package for Middle Class Family Best Option for MBBS BDS, MD/MS Study outside India

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions for MBBS and Medical study in Bangladesh for Indian Students 

Q- Why should you enrol MBBS in Bangladesh?

Ans: Affordable and the best Medical Study at Low Package for Middle Class Family Best Option for MBBS BDS, MD/MS Study outside India or abroad.

Q: What is the eligibility to Study MBBS in Bangladesh

Ans: To study in Bangladesh, you have to meet the NMC eligibility which is 60% in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology average and pass in English in Class 12 and minimum 17 years of age on December 31 of the year of Admission. In ADDITION, the University in Bangladesh may have a HIGHER cut-off than specified by NMC. So read the requirement of the University in addition to the NMC requirement. Click Here Eligibility Criteria

Q: When MBBS Admission In Bangladesh start and when should I contact?

Ans: After NEET-UG Result when you decide to take MBBS admission in Bangladesh. The admission starts in all the different Strems like MBBS, BDS, BVSc Etc. For Important Dates for MBBS Admission process in Bangladesh. Contact our Fortune education Information Desk which works 24×7 In INDIA: +91-99033 55537 And In BANGLADESH +888 1995 529 533

Q: Is NEET required to Study MBBS & Medical in Bangladesh?

Ans: Yes For the current session 2021-22 NEET-UG qualifying score needed to study MBBS andMBBS Admission in Bangladesh Medical in Bangladesh and abroad.

Q: What is the Minimum Qualifying Percentile for NEET

Ans:  Candidates who Appeared in NEET-UG must have minimum qualifying scores. This is required for MCI Equivalent Certificate, From Session NEET qualifying score is mandatory for Students to study MBBS in Bangladesh.

NEET  Minimum Qualifying Percentile

Category Minimum Qualifying Percentile
Unreserved (UR) 50
Unreserved Physically Handicapped (UR-PH) 45
Scheduled Caste (SC) 40
Scheduled Tribe (ST) 40
Other Backward Classes (OBC) 40


  1. Is last year’s NEET-UG qualified candidate can apply?

Ans: Yes, if a student qualifies for NEET in 2020 and wishes to apply for MBBS Admission in Bangladesh or abroad in the current year, definitely he/she can apply. Since NEET Score will valid for three years.

Q What is the MCI Screening Test

Ans: Medical Council of India Screening Test, also known as Foreign Medical Graduates Examination (FMGE), is a licensure examination conducted by the National Board of Examinations (NBE) in India. The test is one of the mandatory requirements for an Indian citizen who has a medical degree from a college outside India to practice medicine in the country. The screening test was introduced in 2002 as a qualifying examination for Indian students obtaining their medical degrees from countries other than India,

Q Lists of the Best medical colleges in Bangladesh for MBBS and Medical

Ans: For all the Details any query regarding the best MBBS collages please visit www.fortuneeducationconsultancy.com or our authorized center’s in INDIA +9199033555 37 or BANGLADESH (+888 1995 529 533)

Q Is MBBS degree from BANGLADESH valid in INDIA?

Ans YES MBBS or any Medical degree from BANGLADESH is total valid and acceptable in INDIA. After completing the course from Bangladesh INDIAN students can write FMGE/NEXT test organized by the NBA, National Medical Commission (NMC) before it was the Medical Council of India (MCI) licensing exam and after qualifying they can start practice in the country. 

About Fortune Education

Fortune Education established in 2004 -Bangladesh (Dhaka)is sister concern of Fortune Healthcare Ltd.  & registered education consultant of Medical College & Universities for medical aspirants & prospective students  to study MBBS, BDS , BVSc and considering higher study opportunities in Bangladesh and overseas. Fortune Education is authorized for   processing Application, Guidance, Documentation and admission to Medical, Dental colleges and universities all over the world.

Top Medical Colleges in Bangladesh

  • MBBS Admission in Bangladesh for International Candidates Army Medical College Jeshore
    Army Medical College Bogura
    Diabetic Association Medical College
    Sylhet Women’s Medical College
    Islami Bank Medical College
    International Medical College
    Marks Medical College
    Popular Medical College
    Ahsania Mission Medical College
    Brahmanbaria Medical College
    IBN SINA Medical College

    Fortune Education, Dhaka, Bangladesh is authorized representative of Medical College & Universities and the pioneer leading Education Consultant for medical aspirants & prospective students who interested to study MBBS, BDS, BVSc and considering higher study opportunities in Bangladesh and overseas.

    Fortune Education have legal rights to processing admission to Medical, Dental college and universities all over the world. We offer MBBS, BDS & others Admission, Application, Guidance, Documentation, and required services such as to eligible students regarding medical and higher studies…

    Fortune Education, located in Dhaka, Bangladesh, is a renowned and recognized medical admission consultant that specializes in facilitating online direct MBBS admissions in reputed medical colleges abroad. With its expertise and vast network of partner institutions, Fortune Education assists students in pursuing their dream of studying medicine in esteemed universities around the world. Here are some details about Fortune Education and the services they offer:

    1. Comprehensive Guidance: Fortune Education provides comprehensive guidance to students seeking admission to medical colleges abroad. They understand the complexities of the admission process and help students navigate through the various requirements and procedures. From selecting suitable universities to preparing and submitting applications, Fortune Education ensures a smooth and hassle-free admission experience for students.

    2. Extensive Network of Partner Institutions: Fortune Education has established strong relationships with reputed medical colleges and universities across several countries. They collaborate with these institutions to offer a wide range of options to students, ensuring that they find the best-fit program and university to match their academic and career aspirations.

    3. Direct Admission Process: Fortune Education specializes in facilitating direct admissions for students. Through their online admission services, students can directly apply to their preferred medical colleges without the need for any intermediary agents. This transparent and streamlined process eliminates unnecessary delays and simplifies the application process.

    4. Reputed Medical Colleges: Fortune Education collaborates with highly regarded medical colleges and universities abroad. These institutions are recognized by the respective country’s medical councils and have a strong reputation for delivering quality medical education. They provide state-of-the-art facilities, experienced faculty, and a conducive learning environment, ensuring that students receive a top-notch education.

    5. Online Application Assistance: Fortune Education offers comprehensive support throughout the application process. They assist students in preparing all necessary documents, including academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, personal statements, and other required paperwork. Their experienced team ensures that applications are complete, accurate, and submitted within the specified deadlines.

    7. Visa Assistance: Obtaining a student visa is a critical step in studying abroad.

    8. Fortune Education provides guidance and assistance in the visa application process. They help students understand the visa requirements, compile the necessary documentation, and prepare for visa interviews. Their expertise and support increase the chances of a successful visa application.

    Post-Admission Support: Once students secure admission to their chosen medical colleges, Fortune Education continues to offer support and assistance. They help students with pre-departure preparations, including travel arrangements, accommodation options, and orientation about the destination country.

    Their ongoing support ensures a smooth transition for students to their new academic environment.
    09. Personalized Counselling: Fortune Education believes in personalized counselling to understand each student’s unique requirements and aspirations. They provide individualized guidance, address students’ concerns, and offer tailored solutions to ensure that students make well-informed decisions about their education and future career in medicine.

    09. Financial Guidance: Fortune Education understands the financial considerations associated with studying abroad. They provide valuable information about the cost of education, scholarships, and available funding options. They guide students in making informed decisions regarding financing their education and help them explore scholarships and financial aid opportunities.


Fortune Education, as a recognized medical admission consultant, offers online direct MBBS admissions in reputed medical colleges abroad. With their expertise, extensive network, and comprehensive support services, they assist students in fulfilling their dreams of studying medicine and embarking on a successful medical career.

Fortune Education

Pioneer & Leading Authorized Representative of Medical Colleges in Bangladesh & Abroad
Head Office: 23/C, Zigatola, Dhaka-1209, Bangladesh
Bangladesh: +8801995529533
India: +919903355537
Email: fortunebangladesh@gmail.com
Website: www.fortuneedu.org , www.mbbsbd.com
Army Medical College Jashore

Army Medical College JashoreAltai State Medical University Russia

Unearth the offerings of Army Medical College Jashore, a premier medical education institution in Bangladesh, and learn how it can shape your future in healthcare.

Army Medical College Jashore (AMCJ), part of the Bangladesh Armed Forces’ network of medical colleges, has been illuminating the path for future medical professionals since its inception. The institute’s sterling reputation comes from its rigorous academic standards, disciplined learning environment, and an unflinching commitment to nurturing tomorrow’s healthcare leaders.

Why Choose Army Medical College Jashore?

AMCJ, with its unique offerings, stands as a beacon for medical education in Bangladesh:

    • Quality Education: AMCJ follows the curriculum outlined by the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BM&DC), ensuring the provision of a comprehensive and globally competitive education.
    • Disciplined Environment: Operating under the Bangladesh Army’s aegis, the institution fosters a disciplined atmosphere conducive to focused learning, an invaluable attribute for those eyeing a future in the challenging medical field.
    • Experienced Faculty: AMCJ boasts a team of seasoned educators and professionals dedicated to delivering the highest quality education and mentorship to their students.
    • State-of-the-art Infrastructure: The college comes equipped with modern facilities, including technologically advanced laboratories and a library filled with abundant medical literature, providing students with a robust learning experience.
    • Affordability: As a government-associated college, AMCJ provides top-tier medical education at an affordable cost, making quality medical education accessible to students from various economic backgrounds.