Non SAARC Admission



Non SAARC Admission


At the end of the MBBS Course students shall:

  • Acquire knowledge and understanding of the sciences upon which Medicine depends and the scientific and experimental methods;
  • the structure, function, and normal growth and development of the human body and the workings of the mind and their interaction, the factors which may disturb these, and the disorders of structure and function which may result;
  • the etiology, natural history, and prognosis of the common mental and physical ailments. Students must have experience of emergencies and a good knowledge of the common diseases of the community and of aging processes;
  • normal pregnancy and childbirth, the common obstetric emergencies, the principles of ante-natal and postnatal care, and medical aspects of family planning and psycho-sexual counseling;
  • the principles of prevention and of therapy, including health education, the amelioration of suffering and disability, rehabilitation, the maintenance of health in old age, and the care of the dying;
  • human relationships, both personal and social, and the interaction between man and his physical, biological, and social environment;
  • the organization and provision of health care in the community and in hospital, the identification of the need for it, and the economic, ethical, and practical constraints within which it operates
  • the ethical standards and legal responsibilities of the medical profession.


The purpose of the dental education program is to provide the opportunity for the learner to gain scientific knowledge and clinical skills needed in the practice of the profession, to instill the highest standards of professional conduct as a way of life and to promote a dedication to continuous, life-long professional study and improvement.

The courses which are offered in the English medium of instruction are:

  • Engineering: Electrical, Electronics, Mechatronics, Mechanical, Civil, Architecture, Mining, Geology, Geodesy, Oil & Gas, Petroleum, Biomedical, Telecommunication, Computer Sciences, Information Technology, Computer Engineering, Business Administration & Economics, Economics Cybernetics
  • Aeronautical Engineering, Aerospace engineering, Aviation Management, Air Navigation.
  • Engineering(BSC & MSC in Civil, Mechanical, EEE, Aeronautics, Marine, Automobile, Tele Communication, Computer Science, IT, Chemical, Ceramics, Gas & Mining, Textile & Others) or Business Study BBA/MBA/International Business/International Economy & Trade/Marketing

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Army Medical College Jashore

Army Medical College JashoreNon SAARC Admission

Unearth the offerings of Army Medical College Jashore, a premier medical education institution in Bangladesh, and learn how it can shape your future in healthcare.

Army Medical College Jashore (AMCJ), part of the Bangladesh Armed Forces’ network of medical colleges, has been illuminating the path for future medical professionals since its inception. The institute’s sterling reputation comes from its rigorous academic standards, disciplined learning environment, and an unflinching commitment to nurturing tomorrow’s healthcare leaders.

Why Choose Army Medical College Jashore?

AMCJ, with its unique offerings, stands as a beacon for medical education in Bangladesh:

  • Quality Education: AMCJ follows the curriculum outlined by the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BM&DC), ensuring the provision of a comprehensive and globally competitive education.
  • Disciplined Environment: Operating under the Bangladesh Army’s aegis, the institution fosters a disciplined atmosphere conducive to focused learning, an invaluable attribute for those eyeing a future in the challenging medical field.
  • Experienced Faculty: AMCJ boasts a team of seasoned educators and professionals dedicated to delivering the highest quality education and mentorship to their students.
  • State-of-the-art Infrastructure: The college comes equipped with modern facilities, including technologically advanced laboratories and a library filled with abundant medical literature, providing students with a robust learning experience.
  • Affordability: As a government-associated college, AMCJ provides top-tier medical education at an affordable cost, making quality medical education accessible to students from various economic backgrounds.

Army Medical College Bogura

Army Medical College Bogura

Unleashing Your Medical Potential at Army Medical College Bogura

Learn about the Army Medical College Bogura, a premier medical institution in Bangladesh providing quality education to aspiring doctors. Find out about the courses, admission process, and more!

For aspiring medical professionals, the Army Medical College Bogura (AMCB) in Bangladesh presents a unique opportunity to obtain a comprehensive education in a disciplined environment. This prestigious institution, managed by the Bangladesh Army, offers a high standard of education, fostering academic excellence and cultivating future leaders in healthcare.

Why Choose Army Medical College Bogura?

Here are a few reasons why AMCB stands out as a top-tier institution for medical education:

  • Quality Education: AMCB maintains a rigorous academic standard, ensuring students receive the best possible education. The college follows the curriculum set by the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BM&DC), which aligns with international standards.
  • Disciplined Environment: The institution operates under the management of the Bangladesh Army, providing a disciplined and focused learning atmosphere, an invaluable attribute for aspiring medical professionals.
  • Modern Infrastructure: AMCB is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to support practical learning, including well-equipped laboratories and a library rich with medical literature.
  • Experienced Faculty: The faculty at AMCB is comprised of experienced and dedicated professionals who are committed to delivering the highest level of education and mentorship to students.
  • Affordable Fees: AMCB, like most public colleges, offers affordable medical education, making it a feasible choice for students from various economic backgrounds.

Army Medical College Cumilla

Army Medical College Cumilla (AMCC) is a distinguished institution for medical education located in Cumilla, Bangladesh. It is one of the five Army Medical Colleges inaugurated in 2015 by the Prime Minister of Bangladesh. Here are some key points about AMCC:

Establishment: AMCC was established in Comilla Cantonment with the aim of training specially selected candidates for medical education. The college began its academic operations on January 11, 2015.

Academic Program: The college offers a five-year academic program leading to an MBBS degree. The curriculum is designed according to the guidelines laid down by the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BMDC) and is awarded by the Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP).

Affiliation: AMCC is affiliated with the Bangladesh University of Professionals, ensuring that its academic standards and curriculum are in line with national educational criteria.

Mission and Objectives: The primary goal of AMCC is to produce well-rounded, disciplined, and dedicated doctors equipped to provide both preventive and curative healthcare. The college emphasizes developing qualities like kindness, tolerance, patience, compassion, and a strong sense of duty in its students.

Facilities and Environment: The college is known for its comprehensive facilities, which support both academic and extracurricular activities. This includes a well-stocked library, modern laboratories, and sports facilities.

Military Discipline: As part of the military establishment, AMCC instills a sense of discipline and professionalism in its students, which is a distinctive feature of military medical colleges.

For more information about Army Medical College Cumilla, you can visit their official website or check their profile on the Wikipedia page.



MBBS Admission Open for Foreign Students

MBBS Admission Open for Foreign Students

MBBS and BDS admission for foreign students in Bangladesh for the academic session 2023-2024 is currently underway, with classes expected to commence in the second week of April 2024. The Bangladesh government will announce specific start dates and deadlines for the application process.

Eligibility criteria for foreign students include having a valid passport, passing the 10th grade (or equivalent) no earlier than 2020, and the 12th grade (or equivalent) no earlier than 2022. Additionally, students must have studied Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, achieving at least 60% in Biology. A minimum score of 3.00 out of 5 in both 10th and 12th-grade exams is required, with a combined score of at least 7.00 out of 10.

For Indian students, qualifying the NEET exam is mandatory as per NMC (former MCI) requirements. Nepalese students need to pass any recognized MBBS entrance exam in Nepal, and a NOC (No Objection Certificate) is required.

The admission process for foreign students in Bangladesh involves submitting digital copies of academic transcripts, a passport, and for Indian students, the NEET scorecard. Fortune Education Consultancy can assist students in selecting appropriate medical colleges based on their academic background and preferences. They also provide support in application submission, visa processing, and post-admission guidance such as accommodation and adapting to life in Bangladesh.

For more detailed information on MBBS admissions in Bangladesh for foreign students, including the list of medical colleges, seat allocation, and application procedures, prospective students can refer to the official websites of educational consultancies like Bangladesh Study Center and Fortune Education Consultancy.

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