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City Medical College - Fortune Education
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City Medical College

Explore City Medical College, Bangladesh: A Prime Choice for Aspiring Medical Professionals

City Medical College in Bangladesh stands as a beacon of excellence in medical education, catering to students from Bangladesh and beyond with its robust curriculum, state-of-the-art facilities, and a commitment to nurturing future healthcare leaders.

City Medical College

Located in the vibrant setting of Gazipur, close to the capital city of Dhaka, this institution offers a conducive environment for medical education and professional growth.

City Medical College, located in Gazipur near Dhaka, Bangladesh, is one of the prominent private medical colleges that has been providing quality medical education and training to aspiring healthcare professionals since its establishment. Known for its rigorous academic programs, the college is dedicated to fostering a generation of doctors equipped to handle the challenges of modern healthcare.

Key Highlights of City Medical College

Accreditation and Affiliation:
City Medical College is accredited by the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BMDC), ensuring that its MBBS program adheres to high standards of medical education. The college is also affiliated with the University of Dhaka, which is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in Bangladesh.

Facilities and Infrastructure:
The campus boasts modern infrastructure with well-equipped classrooms, advanced laboratories, and a comprehensive library with a vast collection of medical textbooks, journals, and research papers. These facilities support an engaging and interactive learning environment for students.

Attached Teaching Hospital:
One of the college’s significant assets is its attached teaching hospital, City Hospital, a 300-bed facility providing a range of healthcare services. This hospital serves as a crucial clinical training ground for students, offering them firsthand experience in patient care, surgeries, and various medical procedures under the supervision of experienced medical professionals.

The faculty at City Medical College comprises seasoned educators and practitioners who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the classroom. Their expertise in various specialties of medicine enhances the learning experience, providing students with up-to-date medical education and training.

Programs Offered:
The primary program offered at City Medical College is the Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree. The program spans five years of academic training followed by a mandatory one-year internship, which is crucial for practical experience.

Student Life and Activities:
City Medical College offers a vibrant campus life with various extracurricular activities and clubs that students can join. These activities are designed to promote a well-rounded development, fostering skills beyond academic excellence, including leadership, teamwork, and community service.

Community Engagement:
The college encourages its students to participate in community service and health camps, particularly in underserved areas. These initiatives help students develop a sense of social responsibility and understand the broader impact of medicine on community health.

Global Opportunities:
Graduates from City Medical College are recognized internationally, with many alumni successfully clearing international medical licensing exams like the USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Examination). This recognition allows graduates to pursue further education and career opportunities worldwide.

Admission Process

Admissions to the MBBS program at City Medical College are competitive, requiring applicants to have a solid academic foundation in science, specifically in physics, chemistry, and biology. Candidates must also pass the medical admission test administered by the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) in Bangladesh.


City Medical College remains a distinguished institution in Bangladesh for those aspiring to enter the medical field. Its commitment to excellence in medical education, combined with state-of-the-art facilities and a supportive academic environment, makes it an attractive option for prospective medical students both locally and internationally.

Why Choose City Medical College?

Accredited Curriculum

City Medical College offers an MBBS program that is accredited by the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BMDC), ensuring that the curriculum not only meets but exceeds the standards required for medical education. The program is designed to be comprehensive, covering a wide range of topics from basic sciences to clinical medicine, ensuring a well-rounded educational experience.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

The college boasts modern facilities to enhance the learning experience of its students. These include well-equipped laboratories, a large library stocked with the latest medical journals and books, and state-of-the-art medical equipment. Such resources are pivotal in fostering a practical learning environment that prepares students for real-world medical challenges.

Experienced Faculty

The faculty at City Medical College is a blend of seasoned academicians and practicing physicians, providing students with a rich mix of academic and practical knowledge. The faculty’s dedication to teaching and mentorship helps cultivate a nurturing and intellectually stimulating environment for students.

Clinical Exposure

Students at City Medical College gain invaluable clinical exposure through the attached City Hospital. This 300-bed facility offers services in various specialties, providing students with the opportunity to observe and participate in patient care under the guidance of experienced medical professionals.

Community Engagement

City Medical College encourages its students to engage with the community through various outreach programs and health camps. These initiatives help students understand the social aspects of medicine and the importance of community health, aligning with the college’s mission to develop compassionate and socially responsible doctors.


Compared to other private medical colleges in the region, City Medical College offers a competitive fee structure. This makes it an accessible option for many aspiring medical students seeking quality education at a reasonable cost.

Global Recognition

Graduates from City Medical College are recognized globally, and they are eligible to sit for international licensing exams like the USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Examination). This global recognition opens up vast opportunities for graduates to practice medicine internationally.

MBBS Admissions and Eligibility

To be eligible for admission to the MBBS program at City Medical College, candidates must have completed their higher secondary education with a focus on science, achieving a minimum GPA as specified by the college. Prospective students must also pass the medical admission test conducted by the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) in Bangladesh.

Living in Gazipur

Studying at City Medical College also means living in Gazipur, a dynamic area known for its lush greenery and thriving industries. The locality offers a blend of urban and rural life, providing a unique backdrop that enhances the student experience both academically and socially.

City Medical College represents an excellent option for those aspiring to a career in medicine. With its accredited programs, comprehensive training, and commitment to societal health, it prepares students to become competent and compassionate healthcare professionals. Whether you’re a local or an international student, City Medical College promises a rich educational journey and a bright future in the field of medicine.

Army Medical Colleges in Bangladesh

Army Medical Colleges in Bangladesh are prestigious institutions that provide medical education and training under the auspices of the Bangladesh Armed Forces. These colleges are highly respected for their rigorous academic standards, disciplined environment, and commitment to producing skilled, ethical medical professionals. They cater to both military personnel and civilian students, offering a unique blend of military discipline and medical education.

Key Features of Army Medical Colleges in Bangladesh

1. Accreditation and Recognition:
Army Medical Colleges in Bangladesh are recognized by the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BMDC), ensuring the medical degrees awarded are accredited and valued both nationally and internationally.

2. Affiliation:
These colleges are affiliated with the Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP), which is a public university administered by the Bangladesh Armed Forces. This affiliation further enhances the credibility and recognition of the degrees offered.

3. State-of-the-Art Facilities:
The campuses are equipped with modern facilities, including advanced laboratories, up-to-date medical technology, digital libraries, and comprehensive research centers. These facilities ensure that students have access to the best resources for their education and training.

4. Highly Qualified Faculty:
The faculty at Army Medical Colleges consists of highly experienced and qualified medical professionals, many of whom are senior military officers with extensive clinical and teaching experience. This enriches the educational experience with practical knowledge and leadership training.

5. Structured Training:
Students receive a well-rounded education that includes extensive clinical training in military and civilian hospitals. This exposure to various medical scenarios prepares them for a wide range of medical challenges.

6. Discipline and Ethics:
Studying in a military environment instills discipline, punctuality, and a strong ethical foundation, which are crucial traits for medical practitioners. The regimented lifestyle helps cultivate resilience and responsibility.

7. Research Opportunities:
There are ample opportunities for students to engage in medical research, with support from the military for innovative projects. This fosters a culture of inquiry and continuous learning.

Fortune Education

Navigating Your Path to Studying MBBS in Bangladesh

Fortune Education is a well-known educational consultancy that specializes in assisting students from around the world, particularly from India, to secure admissions in medical colleges across Bangladesh. With years of expertise and a deep understanding of the complexities of international education systems, Fortune Education plays a vital role in helping students achieve their dream of becoming medical professionals.

Services Offered by Fortune Education

1. Admission Guidance: Fortune Education provides comprehensive guidance on the admissions process to prospective medical students. This includes selecting the right medical college that matches the student’s preferences and qualifications. They help in understanding the various requirements and navigating the documentation needed for admission.

2. Career Counseling: Understanding the long-term implications of choosing a specific medical college and course can be daunting. Fortune Education offers career counseling to help students make informed decisions about their medical education path, focusing on long-term career goals.

3. Documentation Assistance: The process of applying to foreign medical universities can be complex due to the various documentation and formalities required. Fortune Education assists students in gathering, verifying, and submitting all necessary documents required for application and visa processes.

4. Visa Processing: Obtaining a student visa is one of the critical steps in the study abroad journey. Fortune Education provides expertise in visa application procedures, helping students meet all the requirements to secure their student visas.

5. Pre-Departure Briefings: Before leaving for Bangladesh, students receive pre-departure briefings from Fortune Education. These sessions are crucial as they prepare students for their new academic and cultural environment, covering topics from logistical arrangements to cultural sensitivities.

6. Accommodation Assistance: Fortune Education helps in arranging safe and affordable accommodation for students in Bangladesh, ensuring they have a comfortable living environment conducive to studying.

7. On-Arrival Support: Once students arrive in Bangladesh, Fortune Education ensures they are well received and assists with initial setups such as college registration, accommodation finalization, and orientation to the local area and culture.

Why Choose Fortune Education for MBBS in Bangladesh?

Expertise in Bangladeshi Medical Colleges: Fortune Education has established strong connections with top medical colleges in Bangladesh, providing students with reliable and up-to-date information on the best educational opportunities.

Personalized Support: Understanding that each student has unique needs and aspirations, Fortune Education offers personalized support tailored to individual preferences and educational backgrounds.

Track Record of Success: Fortune Education has a proven track record of successfully placing students in reputable medical colleges in Bangladesh, evidenced by the testimonials of numerous satisfied students.

Ethical and Transparent Services: The consultancy operates with high ethical standards and transparency, ensuring that students and their families can trust the processes and feel confident in their educational investments.


For students aspiring to study MBBS in Bangladesh, Fortune Education provides a trustworthy and comprehensive service, ensuring that every aspect of the admission process is handled professionally. Their tailored approach not only helps students gain admission to medical colleges but also supports them th

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